New born baby cloths

New born baby cloths

In last few weeks of pregnancy while you are eagerly waiting for you little angel the best timepass you can do is shopping for you kid. Though there is an old belief that one should buy cloths only after a healthy child is born , enthusiastic mothers like me 🙂 will prefer to be ready with everything needed for our loving kid. After all no one in world can do best for a your baby other than a mother .

Thing to keep in mind while you buy cloths:

  1. Buy unisex cloths or colors , as gender will not be revealed in India.
  2. Decide whether you want to use diaper or cloth nappy , many cloths are not suitable if you are using cloth nappy
  3. Don’t buy too many cloths in zero size, they won’t fit after 2 to 3 weeks , unless you baby is really under weight during birth.  Buying 0 to 3 months or 0 to 6 months is good idea for healthy babies,who grow really fast.
  4. Choose cloths based on comfort to wear and remove , do not buy any fancy,glittering and jeans cloths until 6 months. These are very difficult to wear and remove, you baby will be sleeping all the day choose only comfortable cloths
  5. Cloths should have wide open at head , best option is dresses having front open for 1st 3 months.

Checkout few options for new born cloths:

FS Miniclub offers wide range , very affordable prices and super comfort for you kids. Amazon has full range of FS Miniclub stuff.

new born dress

Jo kids brand has some desi style stuff for you new born , checkout them in Amazon.


Caps , booties and mittens are must for new born , especially in winters. Buy all 3 as sets.


If you wish to use cloth nappy , Tinycare brand is having comfortable cotton nappies. These are really great option , you can shop them from Amazon



Happy Parenting

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