Baby’s first food – Home made

Home food for baby – 4 to 6 months 

6 months exclusive breast feeding is widely recommended for infants, though i mentioned food it is not in solid form only mashed or liquids.

Many mothers a experience empty breast by the mid of 4th months , how much ever food you take you can’t feel breast full of milk sometime. This is because you may not be able to produce enough milk that your baby need. This case happened with me , how many ever  times i feed my baby she is not satisfied.

I thought why not i give a try with some liquid diet. and all elders in my home suggested there is no harm in introducing some liquids in 4th months, and they have done same with their kids.

Of course we are not trying to replace breastfeeding, this will be just an additional diet. Every time you introduce a new liquid or solid food wait for 2 to 3 days to check if your baby is having any reactions to that food.

baby food

4 months plus:

Start with below liquid foods

Rice water:

Boil rice (brown rice or organic rice) in an open container , when rice is half boiled collect the water. Add a pinch of salt for taste. This can be given 2 times a day about 50 ml each time. Rice water contains B vitamins and carbohydrates. It helps to fill the stomach, also cools the body in summer.

Pomegranate juice:

Smash 20 to 30 pomegranate seeds and collect that juice, all little water. This can be given once a day in the evening or morning. Pomegranate is high in iron. 20 to 30 seeds can give all the iron your baby need for a day.

Water from soaked dry dates and raisins:

Soak 1 dry dates and 5 raisins in 50 ml of water over night. Give this water to you baby in small amounts multiple times in day. This water is rich in iron and also cools body in summers.

5 months plus:

Fruits and vegetables:

Boiled and mashed carrot,sweet potatoes and potatoes. Add a pinch of salt , pepper and one drop of ghee for taste. Salt and pepper in very very less quantity. More salt may cause loose motions in infants.

In fruits Avocado ,Banana and  Apple puree. Very small amount of mango can also be given in 5 months plus. My baby is to enjoy mango and banana a lot.

Wait for 3 to 4 days for every new food to check any allergies or side effects.

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