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Nature’s Essence Fruit Bleach – Review

Nature’s Essence Fruit Bleach – Review

Though Nature’s Essence Fruit Bleach is a pretty old product, I have tried it recently. The reason for picking this bleach is thinking that fruit bleach may not cause irritation and burning sensation.

There are many incidents where I washed my face in the middle before bleach is dried because of burning eyes and itching sensation. So I have given a try for this product and I am absolutely right, this did not cause any irritation or burning sensation for both eyes and skin. Most recommended for sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin will never dare to use bleach, but they should give a try with this.


Each pack contains cream bleach, activator and post bleach cream and a spatula for mixing. Adding a post bleach cream at this low cost is a praisable thing. 30 grams pack is the starting size which can be used for 2 times for face, 258 grams size is also available.

fruit bleach


Exact composition of ingredients is not mentioned, only names are mentioned on the pack.

Cream Bleach: Bees wax, Grape seed oil, H2O2 and Strawberry.
Activation: Ammonia Bicarbonate.
Fruit Cream: Strawberry and Orange extracts.

fruit bleach


I am just wondering, there are no usage instructions provided on the pack. But i can found this on an old pack. Cream bleach and activation should be mixed  in 4:1 ratio, apply on desired area and let it dry of 15 mins and wash of with cold water. Apply post bleach cream once your face is dry. I prefer applying bleach in night times so that I can get 12 hrs of gap before I use soap. Atleast 6 hrs of gap is advisable.

My experience:

I prefer using a bit less of activator while trying any new bleach brand to avoid rashes or burning. This fruit bleach contains exact amount of activator required for given bleach cream so mix exactly 1:4 ratio of bleach cream and activator.

Bleach cream is very thick in consistency, which is difficult to mix, apply and wash. I use spatula to mix and finger to apply. I left it to dry for 15mins, there is absolutely no burning sensation.

It gave me instant glow and my skin is looking very smooth. I even applied post bleach cream, I found it as very oily and smells good.

May be because I used less activator my hair has not turned in to my skin colour, be sure to mix activator in exact ratio.

Glow lasts for not less than 3 days, but I like the smooth feel it gave me. People with sensitive skin and first time users should give a try for this bleach.


  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Gives no irritation and burning sensation.
  • Low cost.
  • Post bleach cream is an added benefit.
  • Gives smooth and glowing skin.


  • Glow won’t stay for long time.
  • Bleach cream is very thick in consistancy, which causes difficulty in mixing, applying and washing.

Rating: 7/10
Price: 30 gm – Rs 40/- & 258 gm – Rs 175/-

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